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Get government-backed funding to install a free air source heat pump in Scotland

ECO4 Grants for free heat pumps in Scotland

Get an ECO 4 grant for a heat pump in Scotland. The government-backed heating grant scheme provides 100% funding to cover the cost of an air-source heat pump, insulation, and solar panels.

Replace your non-gas boiler or electric heating system with a free air source heat pump and solar panels for with an ECO4 grant. ECO is a UK government-backed grant scheme that provides 100% grant funding for domestic energy-saving improvements in Scotland.

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Grants For Heat Pumps in Scotland

Government-backed grants for free heat pumps has been set aside by the major energy companies to help households in Scotland,  cope with the cost of rising heating bills.

Homeowners, landlords and private tenants who claim specific benefits and tax credits can take advantage of a gratis home improvement grant.

The grants, which cover the cost of installing a new air source heating pump system, solar panels and home insulation, can help reduce heating bills by up to 70%.


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Any Required Home Insulation


Completely Free In Scotland Through ECO4 Scheme

What Is A Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are a new type of energy efficient heating system that use heat from the outside air or ground to provide hot water for your central heating and taps inside your home.

Generally, heat pumps can be split into two categories: ground source – where heat is drawn from the ground, and air source – where heat is collected from the ambient air and compressed to provide heating for your home.

Currently there are only non-repayable ECO4 grants for air source heat pumps in Scotland.

This type of heat pump is modern and much more energy efficient than a traditional boiler. It is also more eco-friendly because it does not  burn a fuel source like oil or gas.

Typically, a heat pump should be installed alongside solar panels. This means any extra cost on your electric bill is negligible as you generate your own electricity.

If you qualify for a grant, your heat pump will be installed free of charge. Thus greatly reducing your energy costs, and you won’t have to pay any money back.

Advantages of air source heating

The renewable heating alternative in scotland

Air source heat pumps are recognised as the most suitable alternative to gas, oil and LPG boilers.

They are far more energy efficient and eco-friendly because they do not burn any fuel. A heat pump absorbs heat from the outside air, even in lower temperatures, and compresses it to generate heat for your central heating, radiators and hot water taps. They can function even when outside temperatures are as cold as -15 degrees.

Air Source Heat pumps (ASHP) can be installed in practically any home and can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by up to 65% compared with traditional fossil fuel based central heating systems.

Thousands of properties in Scotland have thus far not benefited from previous grant schemes as they are stone built and many have oil or LPG central heating.

Earlier versions of ECO focused on energy efficiency measures like cavity wall and loft insulation. Some funding has been available in previous years to replace gas boilers.

From July 2022 until March 2026, ECO4 will focus on properties which are currently heated by oil or LPG central heating. There is also funding for first time central heating systems for electric and solid fuel heated properties.

The whole house approach

ECO4 adopts a “whole house” approach. This means that if a property is eligible, the project must install all recommended measures stated on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

This will normally include an air source heat pump, any recommended wall and roof insulation measures, and solar PV panels where applicable.

Homeowners and private tenants in rural areas who live in properties that meet the criteria are considered eligible for an ECO grant if a member of the household claims one of the following benefits:

  • Working Tax Credits
  • Child Tax Credits
  • Child Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Universal Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income based ESA
  • Income based JSA
  • Pension savings Credit
  • Pension Guarantee Credit

Please be aware that in addition to occupant grant eligibility, a property must meet the minimum insulation requirements for heat pump installation.

Any insulation measures recommended by your EPC will be installed free of charge through the scheme. The heat pump grant scheme is designed for properties with a low energy rating of E or below.

Additional help is currently available in Scotland to help pay for a heat pump?

The Scottish government has various other initiatives and grant schemes to help with the cost of installing a heat pump.

There is a big push now on to make the switch to renewable energy heating systems. The help you can get depends which part of the UK you live in, and which low carbon technology is suitable for your property.

If you live in Scotland you still have a variety of funding sources to help with the cost of an air source heat pump:

  • Home Energy Scotland Loan – part grant and part loan for energy efficiency and renewable energy products for your home including heating and solar panels. Be aware that most of this has to be paid back.
  • ECO4 The Energy Company Obligation is an energy saving scheme currently active in Scotland. ECO4 provides non-repayable grants for heat pumps, solar panels and home insulation.
  • ECO funding is a grant and is non-repayable.
How to apply

Applying for a heat pump grant in Scotland

Applying for a free heat pump is a hassle-free process. There is no complicated grant application process and we will guide you all the way from your initial enquiry through to installation and beyond.

We form the link between funders and installers and make the process straightforward. We take care of all the paperwork so you don’t have to do anything.


Submit our eligibility form

Use our eligibility form to provide us with a few details. Nothing too personal. We will ask for a few general details about your property size and construction, your existing heating type and a little about the energy efficiency rating and existing insulation.

If you are unsure of anything just leave it blank. A member of our team will then be in touch to discuss whether or not you qualify for free a heat pump


Arrange a free home survey

We can then arrange for a free home energy efficiency survey. The surveyor will carry out an indepth survey at your home to determine if your property is suitable for heat pump installation, and additionel energy saving measures.

This is linked to your EPC rating. So we need to do all we can to improve the energy efficiency of your home before we install a heat pump. This means your home can be heated as efficiently and as cheaply as possible


Heat pump installation

A certified heating engineer will discuss the best type and size of heat pump for your property in the same way he would if you were getting a new boiler installed.

We then claim the funding from the Energy Company Obligation scheme, and you have your new heat pump for free. You don’t even have to apply for a grant. All you need to do is provide us with evidence that someone in the property claims one of the eligible benefits. Your complimentary heat pump will be installed without charge.

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Common questioned answered

Is there government support to install a heat pump in Scotland?

The Scottish Government provides interest free loans of up to £10,000 for homeowners to help with the cost of installing an air source heat pump. The loans can be accessed through the Home Energy Scotland web portal.

Are there grants for free heat pumps in Scotland?

The Energy Company Obligation scheme provides 100% funding for homeowners and private tenants in Scotland. If your property is suitable and you meet the benefit eligibility criteria you can replace your existing boiler and central heating system free of charge with no repayment required.

Will an air source heating reduce my energy bills?

The savings you will make by installing a heat pump depends on your existing heating type and age.  If you already have a condensing gas boiler the switch may not be worthwhile. However homes that are off the gas network and are heated by electric heaters, oil and LPG radiators should notice a substantial reduction domestic energy bills. You will also greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Is my home suitable for a heat pump?

Air source heat pumps are suitable for most properties as they don’t take up much space. They can easily be fitted in most gardens. To qualify for a non-repayable grant your property must be fully insulated to prevent heat loss, as your water will not be heated to the same temperature as it would by a traditional boiler.

Why are heat pumps more energy efficient than most boilers?

Traditional fossil fuel boilers have an energy efficiency rating of between approximately 70% – 90%. Air source heat pumps can generate 4-5x the heat energy (kw) that they use in electricity. Therefore they are up to 400%-500% efficient.

Additionally a heat pump is a sustainable form of heating your home and is much more environmentally-friendly They don’t burn a fuel source. They absorb heat from the air which is replaced by the sun and is therefore totally renewable.

Can I get a first time central heating grant?

If your home is currently heated by electric storage or panel heaters you may be eligible for a first time central heating grant. Providing you meet the eligibility criteria this grant would cover the cost of air source central heating. This would include the price of new radiators and heating controls.

Is the ECO4 scheme really free?

100%. If you and your property are eligible for a home improvement grant through the ECO4 scheme, you will not have to pay a penny back. Even when you move house.


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